Australian NRL Betting Guide

The National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia is one of the country’s premier sporting institutions, and all of the online betting sites reviewed here offer great odds and promotions on League games throughout the season. We aim to help you enjoy the best online punting experiences possible, so besides our thorough reviews we also have comprehensive guidelines for placing wagers on every sport you can imagine. Before you put any money down, read through our NRL betting guide to make sure you get the most out of every punt.

When you are engaging in any NRL betting, there are two general things to bear in mind. Firstly, NRL odds will fluctuate throughout the NRL season, but in general you will usually get a more favourable deal the earlier you bet. We also recommend having accounts with a few of the trustworthy sites that we review here so that you can always take advantage of the best odds at the best prices. Bear this in mind as you investigate the wagers that we outline below in the rest of our NRL betting guide.

Latest NRL Betting Guides

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This is one of the most basic and popular punting forms. You put money down on who you think will win and golden-point results and extra time is usually taken into consideration. The prices of these wagers are set according to bookmakers’ own opinions and what they believe public opinion to be. Before they set their odds they consider form, historical trends, weather and much more.

These involve you selecting the leading team margin for full, half or quarter time. Bookies can get quite creative with Margin bets, and some are very challenging to predict and carry very long odds. If you have good information on such a bet you could gain a tidy windfall.

NRL Handicap or Line Bet Guide

Handicapping teams makes the contest more even, so that both sides have roughly the same odds. One team will have the advantage of a head start and the other will have a handicap start. If the team that you are backing can overcome its handicap and then win, you will be properly paid out.

Over/Under Score Bets

Here you must predict whether the total final score of a match will be over or under what your bookmaker predicts. As your official NRL betting guide, we highly recommend these punts.

Exotic Single Bets

As you develop you NRL punting, you may want to explore more exotic stakes. Single bet options include putting money down on the exact score and winning margin, the number of tries, and many other options.

Unique Doubles and Multiples

Here two or more variable (also called legs) must be successful for you to get paid out. A popular option is the half-time/full-time wager, where you must predict who will be in the lead halfway through and at the end of play. There are many other examples of these bets to discover as you spend more time on our reviewed sites. The more exotic doubles, such as picking the winning margin and first try scorer together often boast hugely rewarding odds.

Other Options

In Futures markets, you can bet on event outcomes that occur at the end of the season, such as who will make the top four and the premiership winner. You can also indulge in Fantasy Football and design your dream NRL team. This is great fun and can be very lucrative if yours is best.

Our NRL betting guide is only the beginning of what is available to online Australian punters. Start discovering the delights for yourself at one of the top rated sports betting sites we recommend.

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