Guide to NRL Premiership Betting

The illustrious National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia is a very well-structured organisation that runs like a well-oiled machine. This means that when you are playing in, or betting on NRL Premiership matches you know you can expect game standards of the highest quality. The Rugby League’s games are divided into different seasons, all of which are exciting, with the overall winners taking the Premiership. To find out more about what NRL Premiership betting actually means and how exciting it can be, read on.

The NRL Season structure is broken into Pre-Season, Premiership, Representative and Finals games. You can engage in NRL Premiership bets in two ways at the sites we review: on the games in the Premiership season, or on the games in the NRL Grand Final betting season. These will ultimately determine the NRL champions – the team that finally emerges victorious and takes the Premiership.

Best NRL Premiership Betting Sites

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In the Premiership season, a round of regular games is played each weekend for twenty-six weeks. This usually begins in early March and lasts until the end of September. Most rounds feature two games on the Friday night, three on the Saturday night, two on the Sunday afternoon and one on the Monday night, so there is plenty of action to wager on and some tantilising NRL Premiership betting odds to enjoy! There are several specially themed weeks, and separate trophies between two particular rival teams such as the Roone Coote Cup between the Rabbitohs and Roosters add even more spice and NRL Premiership betting possibilities. All through the season, teams compete for the best ladder standings possible, earning two points when they won and one when they draw. The team at the top of the ladder when the season ends is the minor premiers.

In the Finals season, the eight teams who placed highest compete until only two remain. These two will go head-to-head for the Premiership Title in the Grand Final, which is one of the most popular sporting events in Australia and is truly an Olympic-size game and where the premiership betting on NRL matches really heats up.

One of the things that keep Australians betting on the NRL Premiership betting season and title is the variations in the wagers you can place. From simple head-to-head bets to exotic multi bets where different variables must be met for you to be paid out, there is something intriguing at every turn. Live NRL Grand Final betting and Future markets, where you can put money down on future season results such as who will take the premiership, are also available.

NRL Premiership Betting Odds & Options

As you spend more and more time researching the NRL premiership betting and placing wagers, you will get to know what bets work best for you and will evolve your own staking style more, but there are two general rules of thumb that every online Australian punter should bear in mind. Firstly, although the NRL betting odds will always fluctuate to a degree, the earlier you back a team the more favourable the odds are likely to be. Secondly, you should always hold accounts at several trustworthy online Australian bookmakers, so that you have a selection and can choose the best odds at the best price on any given day. However you are betting on the NRL premiership, these tips should prove useful.

Bet on the NRL Premiership

The excitement of online NRL Premiership betting is almost impossible to beat, as anyone who has enjoyed it will tell you. If you are ready to become such a convert, take the plunge with one of the great online NRL sports betting sites reviewed here.

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