Latest NRL Betting Tips in Australia

The National Rugby League or the NRL is a favourite with Australians and is one of the most watched sports on local television. Comprising of 15 Australia teams and one New Zealand, this League pulls in the fans and attracts a huge number of punters over the season and for the Premiership in particular. Regarded as one of the world’s most elite rugby leagues, the NRL is one of the best attended and viewed club competitions globally, and the NRL betting is enormous. It’s a hugely exciting sport to watch, but betting on it is even better, and there are always a large number of markets open for every game. This means more opportunities to wager, and of course, more chances to win.

At we not only bring you all the best NRL betting sites, we also provide you with insight into where you can find rugby league betting tips that will improve your chances and we endeavour to offer Australians maximised winning potential with every punt placed. NRL betting tips can help you pick a winner and by examining stats, player and team performance histories, the effect of a home ground advantage and other factors you could be well on your way to selecting  a winner. Injuries and form are also important and the best Australian bookmakers will offer you information on all this and more. Top tips can make the difference between a win and a loss, but as with everything, you should know here to find those that are reliable, and ones you can trust! We’ve made the whole process that much simpler and invite you to join in the fun.

Top NRL Betting Tips Sites

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One of the best NRL betting tips that benefit many a punter is that backing a favourite isn’t always going to result in a win. Statistically, favourites only come out on top around 30% so it’s always important to consider the NRL odds and other extenuating factors.  When you take  a look at the odds you’ll see that those for the favourites are always much shorter than those offered for outsiders, making long shots and other similar bets far more rewarding and lucrative. Knowing how the odds work and why they are set the way they are is also important, and if you understand odds and probability you’ll always fare a lot better in the long run. This is especially true if you enjoy in-play betting, as the odds will change during the game, and you need to keep an eye on them.

A little bit of research can go a long way when it comes to NRL betting tips and for punters who are new to the game it may be an idea to focus on the simplest forms of bets first, before building up to the more complicated or exotic bets.

Another of the important NRL betting tips that will improve your chances is to always understand what the different types of bets mean and how best to use them to your advantage.  With some NRL matches offering between 50 and 200 markets there are a wealth of betting opportunities on offer and the knowledge of exactly what you are wagering on can be very valuable. From betting on the Premiership to placing quinellas and understanding Top 8 and Top 4 bets, being well versed in each type and its odds and requirements will stand you in good stead.

Rugby League Tips For Bets In The News!

As NRL matches are so popular in Australia there is always an abundance of news surrounding the sport and punters can easily access information about who’s tipped to win the Dally M Award, or who looks set to be a favourite to win the State of Origin shield. Reading the news is one of the best NRL betting tips for local punters and staying abreast of the latest developments and changes in the teams, injuries that affect players and other relevant titbits will all be incredibly helpful when placing your bets.

Use these NRL betting tips and others you’ll find at the online bookies we recommend and enjoy large payouts when your prediction turns to reality. Being informed will always give you the edge, and when you get your hands on the hottest NRL betting tips your betting should be taken up a notch or two. Whether it’s from a tipster or a standard news site, or someone has shared an important piece of insider info, knowing what’s going on both on and off the field can sway your betting one way or another. The more you know and the more detailed the tips, the easier it will be to decide who you want to back, and why. Betting tips are just like any other tips, they can help you win, but you do need to ensure that you do your research too!

Use the top tips you find at any one of the leading sportsbooks that we suggest, and get in on the action online or on the go now. Wagering on the NRL has never been this exciting, or rewarding!

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